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Dear Lighthouse Baptist Church Family – Coronavirus Protocol Update,

I wanted to give our church family an update with the new Stay At Home Order issued this week here in Ohio. First, I am thankful for our Governor and his staff (we should continue to pray for them faithfully), that they have recognized the local church as part of the “essential” group of business… that are exempt and should stay open and even encouraged to stay open. At the same time, we need to take precautions to minimize the negative effect the virus will have on our state, and our communities. As noted previously, our desire is to be able to continue to meet those needs that can only be met by a local New Testament church while, at the same time, taking the appropriate precautions to protect our church family. We are here to help our community, to reassure our community, to give spiritual comfort and guidance in difficult and unstable times, and more (we have had visitors every week!) Our church will continue taking steps to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect our church family. Our goal is to continue to find the correct balance between overreaction and underreaction. We are working hard to do just that, which reminds me to say thank you for those who have helped us with our live stream, and with getting our PayPal button working on our website (and of course, thank you to those who are giving). With this new “Stay At Home Order” in place until 4/6/20, (and after reading all of the details), after prayer and consultation, and with the guidelines of our governor and president (who said on 3/15/20 that the next 15 days are “crucial”), and hearing our governor’s concern (from a conference call with pastors on 3/18/20), and continued monitoring of the CDC data at least four times a day…, we have made only a couple of modifications to our current plans. In addition to the ten points below (which were posted last week), we have decided to delay one of our classes – The Financial Peace University class (those involved have already been notified), and to pause our visitation programs for one more week, resuming on 4/11/20. We have decided on the added changes in response to this new order, and these changes apply to our regular church activities until 4/5/20. Depending on what happens during this time, our goal is still to resume all normal activity on Sunday, April 5th. Until then, please remember the following:

1. All disinfecting procedures for our facility will be diligently maintained (before, during, and after services).

2. All previous issues concerning personal safe space-refraining from hugging, the shaking of hands, etc. and the encouragement to wash hands-will continue.

3. All church services will be held in the gymnasium for the next two weeks to eliminate proximity issues.

4. All adult elective Sunday School classes will be meeting in the gymnasium for the next two weeks to eliminate proximity issues.

5. We will be assisting those who are elderly or those who have health issues or concerns and think it is best to stay home by checking on them, bringing them staples, etc. during this special time.

6. We will suspend our bus routes until 4/5/20 because of proximity issues.

7. We will suspend our Master Club program for the next two weeks.

8. We will suspend our formal visitation programs for the next two weeks. (At this time, we are planning to return to normal on 4/11.) - CHANGE

9. The following will continue as normal for the next two weeks (with special procedures and precautions in place): our nursery, our Sunday School program, Jr. Church, our choir, our Wednesday night teen program, and both of our institutes (LMI and LLI).

10. We are planning to continue to “live stream” our services for those unable to attend during these unique days beginning this Sunday morning – 3/22/20.

Please understand that we want our church family to be safe. We also believe that our church and its services are important and especially so in time of crisis and uncertainty. By all means, if you or anyone in your family is sick, we ask that you please refrain from coming to our services. Instead, please participate in the services via live stream. We are asking, also, that our elderly members who may have concerns, and those with pre-existing conditions that would make them more susceptible to the virus, stay home and participate in the services via live stream. We would love everyone to be here and think having our services is important at this time, but please know that we would never attempt to pressure or convince anyone into coming who has special risk factors. If you feel more comfortable staying at home during this time, please do so.

We are continuing to encourage our church family to reach out to one another during this time. Call someone, send them a text, contact them on social media, or send them a good old- fashioned letter in the mail. We will be keeping you up to date with announcements in church, on our website, and on 1crowsnest, our social network. Lastly, please do not forget your financial obligations to the Lord’s work during this time. Our church has many financial obligations from our world-wide missions’ program, to our regular bills, and to our own church staff, that are important to maintain.

Please know that we want to help in any way we can during this time. Our offices will still be open and we will maintain our regular hours in order to meet the needs of our church family. Please call if we can assist you in these strange days. Only God knows what the future holds in the next few days and weeks, and we take great comfort in knowing that it is in His hands. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and make any changes as new information comes to light. Please continue to pray for me as pastor, our church family, our country, and our leaders, and thank you for your willingness to be flexible as we may continue to make needed changes as time progresses.

Again: We are here for you. We love you. We are praying for you. Be careful, be wise, and may we represent our God well in these days.

Pastor John Jones & the Lighthouse Baptist Church Staff

Lighthouse Baptist Church     2929 Carpenter Rd., Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

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